Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy FIRST, my second...

And so she is ONE.

It's Baby T's birthday today and while it's been lovely to see her delight in her presents (though mostly the stickytape!) I can't shake this slight feeling of melancholy - because that's my baby (my last baby) getting all big!

Sure, she's still teeny. She's only been crawling a couple of weeks, but I guess her mobility combined with her starting family day care is making me nostalgic for the bub that was.

And what a bub! She was a really delightful newborn (as they all are). Here she is, fresh and new. And with her very, very tired dad (a labour followed by a caesar followed by a baby coughing and spluttering up amniotic fluid all through her first night will do that to you).

Here are some more pictorial firsts: first bath in the hospital (still mad about baths) and first time she met her adoring brother.

This is the day she came home with us. Those first couple of weeks are a little hazy, I regret not taking a bit more video footage of her smallness so I can recall it more easily. Ah well. The cluster feeding of those early days still makes me shudder. So, so hard. But at 7 weeks she surprised us by sleeping a couple of 10pm to 5ams.

And yet more snuggles from her brother. Gosh, I can't believe how much those two love each other. Just the other day he asked me if he could learn to change her nappy - SURE! So he has mastered the wee-only ones. Suits me...

Early smiles - she's about 2 months here:

And this is her recently, on her first go down the slippery dip with her brother (is that fear or fun on her face?!!). And in the backyard with me. Out of about 10 shots this is the nearest she got to co-operating. Note to self: never work with children or animals!

This girl, she makes my heart burst every day.

Happy birthday, my funny, noisy, delightful little sweetie.


Mary said...

Happy birthday little one. I have loved reading about your first year over the last twelve months.

Stomper Girl said...

That was a lovely round-up. And stop fretting, she is still teeny. My baby is nearly 7 and I think he's little!

petite gourmand said...

Happy b-day.
wow one already.
time flies..

Mama Mogantosh said...

Happy birthday, little sweet one. I love your bald fluffy head. What a lovely read.

M said...

Sorry I haven't been in blogland for ages but I had to stop by to wish your baby a happy first birthday!!

Thrifted Treasure said...

Aw Happy Birthday to your little cutie, the first year goes by way too quickly doesn't it?