Monday, August 29, 2011


... is almost here (mind you, my itchy eyes are telling me spring is here already). And that means this little lady is almost two (turning two on Friday).

It feels like she's been here forever.

She may be the spitting image of her older brother (that's him at a similar age in the pic to the right) but she's a very different individual to him. Now that she's starting to speak so well, the personality bubbles out of her every day.

It's a delight to behold!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Booook Week

It's our first Book Week.

Now, I remember Book Week from when I was at school and I remember dressing up ... as Bo Peep or some character from a nursery rhyme.

These days it seems there is a theme. We ignored this.

There is a unspoken rule that you oughta be sewing something. We ignored this.

May I present the The Pirate from, er, Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs or Captain Yellowbelly. Etc. I figured there were plenty of pirates in kids' books.

So to achieve this stylish look I:

* pinched a shirt from Shaun's wardrobe (shhhh!) and cut it into ragged edges at the bottom. Then I used safety pins to tighten the cuffs and create a piratey 'puff'.

* rummaged round the shed and found a daggy too-big hand-me-down fleecy jumper which I cut the arms out of and made into a pirate vest (OK, imagination required)

* picked up some $2/m skull and crossbone fabric from Marrickville for a sash/belt and bandanna (whatever)

* I hand-stitched a patch onto an old pair of jeans. Right after I burnt the **** out of my iron by trying to put on a synthetic patch with hemming tape (stupid, I know)

Voila, pirate. Kind of!

Tick - job done.

I can't take any credit for the idea though - it came from my sister, who is amazing at all the craft and sewing things that I've never mastered. Lucky I have her around for advice, that's all I can say!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Workday evening...

You know, some days turn out in ways you just don't expect...

Take today.

Ordinary enough work-day Wednesday. I was busy editing a story that I'd asked for revisions on, but still had to pretty much begin from scratch. Them's the breaks when you deal with new writers.

Then I headed off to pick up the kids. I got a call while I was on the train from after-school care. This is not usually good news. Last time I got a call from them they informed me they couldn't find my son - !!! Today they rang to tell me he had a fever. Again.

So I pick up my sickie and my bubba and get home - to find this on the front door (in an Esky, I ought to add!)

In with this caramelised leek, fennel, spinach and haloumi tart was a bottle of sauvignon blanc and some vegie patties for the kids.

A friend had left this for me.

Just because she'd made two of these beautiful tarts and thought I might like one on a work-day evening.

I have to confess I shed a little tear because, wow, how lovely is that?

People, they are good.

And this from a friend who has two kids littler than mine, who also works, and who I haven't seen for yonks.


And I also got to take home a handful of cheery flowers from the buckets full we had in the office from one of our December issue shoots.

Life, and work, they are good.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Workday morning...

On days we both work it's rush, rush, rush to get out the house.

Except for some people (pictured) who were snapped this morning looking distinctly unrushed despite being hurried along several times...!