Friday, August 13, 2010

Look who's on the move

Yes, at 11.5 months the Young Lady has mastered the art of crawling. She's only really been doing it for 3 days, so she's not terribly adventurous ... yet. Mind you, if escapades such as this one from earlier in the week are going to become more frequent that's probably a good thing.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday night catch-up

Here I am, sitting at my computer on a Saturday night. I should be writing about freezers and fridges, or showerheads, or restaurants serving organic food, because once again I've gone a bit mad and overloaded my plate with freelance work. In which to do in the baby's nap times (hence the writing on a Sat night). Sigh. On the one hand it's lovely to be able to work from home, on the other it does seep the rest of my life...

In other words, it's been a busy couple of weeks. What's been happening? Well, we had some computer *issues*. Let's just say that Shaun, in endeavouring to fix something really stuffed up. We couldn't get the computer to boot up. Problematic. So we were a week or more without a computer, which I have to say was lovely (though I would be less busy had I had an extra week to tackle all this work...). In a extremely fortunate (?) piece of timing, the kids and I all got a BAD cold at the time when the computer was being revived, so I wouldn't have been terribly productive anyway.

Then the computer got fixed ... but we blew our monthly broadband allowance downloading a new operating system. Looking forward to that bill.

The boy turned 5, which was extremely exciting for him. He's been itching to be 'big'. Since his fifth birthday he's been having a few existential crises, asking me "Mum, are you sure I'm five?" Here he is with his birthday present, a Toy Story 3 scooter. And he got a Buzz Lightyear. Oh and look, he chose a Jessie doll with the money his aunt in Queensland sent him. Anyone noticing a theme here?...

To celebrate his birthday we went for a trip to a little zoo/wildlife park outside Sydney. It really is fabulous there. And the big 5yo got to pat a python. Rather him than me.

His birthday cake was not fancy but it was fun, in that he got to decorate it all himself. Can you tell?!

And anyway, she liked it...

Ah yes, she who, at 11 months, will not crawl. I was subject to some tutting from an early childhood nurse a week or two ago for the fact she was not crawling yet. She gave me "homework" to do (needless to say I've not done it). I suspect T will be off soon though. I mean, check the moves...

And then? Look out world, here comes Baby T.