Friday, September 17, 2010

A catch-up

There has been lots of action round here - and as a result, not all that much blogging. So here's a bit of a catch-up:

* I am now back at work. It's only two days a week and I am back the magazine I used to work for before I had Thea. Tis very satisfying indeed to get paid to go into the office and write, uninterrupted. Oh the luxury of it all! I love my work. What I don't love all that much is the double drop-off and pick-up. It is hard. But, hey, two days a week - it's not like I am doing it 5 days (that would be a killer, I take my hat off to all the parents who do that).

*This little lady? She has settled in to family day care so well. I was actually shocked at how well. Miss T is a very clingy baby who won't happily go to anyone other than her mum and dad. But she's done very well with our carer, she has not yet even cried before sleep at FDC. She just pops off to sleep. If only she would do that at home ... sigh.

The problem with T is she is soooooo tired when she gets home. So tired she has not yet been able to successfully eat a dinner after daycare. She's too wound-up. It is a battle from the minute we walk in the door until the minute she conks in her cot (as soon as I can get her in it). Then after a few hours she wakes up, furious. Worried we're not there? Not sure really. It may even just be an age thing but she wakes inconsolable and stiff with rage ... until I give her a breastfeed and off she goes to sleep again. Am currently doing this twice a night every night. Exhaustion, anyone?

* We had a Maserati convertible - Shaun was reviewing it last week. The neighbours came over to check it out. It was much admired. It also costs more than some apartments around here. You can't really see in this pic, but in a booster in the back is a 5yo boy with a grin from ear to ear.

* And here he is, the Roald Dahl-obsessed lad - sporting a long overdue haircut. The last time it was "cut" it was cut by me. Let's just say it's good that's it grown out. And also that I will not be doing that again...


Stomper Girl said...

I laughed about the car and the neighbours and the boy in the back. Fantastic. And I'm taking my 7yo to the hairdresser on Monday to get my last home hack-job fixed up!

Anna Bartlett said...

What a gorgeous baby and good luck with the return to work. Family day care can be a great option - I'm trying to figure things out so that I can get something done a couple of days a week soon. But oh, the organisation required!

Ladybird said...

Hi there Sarah, just came across your blog and have been reading some of your posts - great insight into everyday life of a busy mum with humorous anecdotes (esp the car - lol!)

Good luck with your return to work!