Friday, July 9, 2010


Last night I was busily trying to cook dinner while feeding Baby Banshee her evening meal. E had the good sense to stay out of the kitchen. He asked me how to spell 'hair' and then came into the kitchen wearing this. A badge he'd made.

The pics are dodgy, but you might just be able to read that it says 'no hair pooling'. Translation: 'no hair pulling'

If only the little hair puller could read...


Saturday, July 3, 2010


I love how, after you have a baby, the return of freedoms - no matter how tiny - just feels sensational. The first time you duck out to the shops leaving a sleeping newborn at home feels freeing, but odd. Like the sky is sitting too low or something. It is at once weird and amazing.

Then there's the first time you leave your baby to go out together as adults and it's like - wow - yeah ... I remember how good this is.

Today we experienced another regaining of a small liberty. E went over to his little friend's house to play for most of the day and Shaun and I took the Young Lady on the back of my bike. We rode and rode, then stopped to have lunch at a lovely cafe.

Freeing? You betcha.

Friday, July 2, 2010

10 months

Our beautiful little girl ticked over the 10 months mark today. What's she up to? Well, not crawling ... but certainly thinking about it. This little bub likes to streeeetch out and reach and shuffle and faceplant. So the crawling may come quite soon (oh lordy, am not ready for all the 'eyes in back of head' that inevitably comes with crawling/moving).

In the past week or so she has begun to 'dance' - if you can call it that. And, truly, I cannot imagine anything cuter. So naturally E loves to play his CDs for her ALL the time, we have pulled all his old musical toys up from the garage, we sing to her. The funniest thing has to be when she 'dances' (more a head jiggle, arm swing kind of thing really) to me rubbing hand cream into my hands (oh, my poor wintry housewife hands!).

T loves to copy our sounds now and - finally - she's mastering 'Mama'. About time. I have been drilling it into her since she began saying 'Dada', which was, what, months ago.

Another lovely development of late is that E can play with her a little more. The other day I bought a packet of balloons. Wow. The playing together! The peace to make dinner! A revelation indeed...!

Still not a scrap of hair. And still will not deign to take a bottle. At all. Believe me, we keep trying (various brands and styles) and she keeps scrunching up her little face in distaste (any ideas??).

10 months, here we are...