Tuesday, April 2, 2013

At home

We spent this Easter at home. It was the first time in YEARS that we've done so. Usually we're off visiting farflung family or escaping the city.

It would have been lovely to head west, but we're doing that in a few weeks' time anyway. So we spent the four days just relaxing at home.

And it was amazing. Great to just reboot sometimes, isn't it?


* rediscovered bike riding and had lots of rides around the river in the dappled sunshine

* made bunny masks for the littlest.

* visited the beach, just for the heck of it. No swimming required.

* baked hot cross buns - not perfect, but wow!...

* had an Easter egg treasure hunt in the backyard among the leaves of the massive pumpkin plant.

* picked five more pumpkins. Groan. I can only bear it in cake or curry form - so long as I can't taste its horrible flavour I'm good...

* and of course there was CHOCOLATE!

Good days indeed!