Friday, December 9, 2011

Car-trip conversations

Don't you love some of the things kids come out with while you're driving? I want to remember this one:

Scene: way home from school

E: "Mum, did you know some kids don't believe in Santa?"

Me: "Really?"

E: "Yeah, they don't think he's real ... is Santa real, Mum?"


Me: "Yep!"

[boy thinks]

E: "The kids who don't think Santa's real, when they wake up and see their presents, they know that God brought them."

Me: "Mmmm-hmmm" [stifling giggle]

I love how this little guy thinks...!

Saturday, December 3, 2011


What a sorry state this blog is in! The poor neglected thing. I've been wondering if I should just close it down, or lock it away or something ... but then I think, no, I'm not recording as much of my kids' 'little' years as I'd like to. Closing down my blog would probably only make matters worse.

As with so much in life, it all boils down to time. And energy. And choices. I should make myself sit down and attend to this blog at least once a week, but often after a week of being paid to write lots of words and then doing freelance bits and pieces from home, it's not all that appealing. I'd rather flop in front of the telly or curl up with a book.

Anyway! We're gearing up for Christmas here. The tree is up, even if it does need a few extra decorations.

The kids had a ball putting the "bobbles" on it. I was busy draping tinsel when I noticed T was awfully quiet - and we all know what that means. She'd been industriously pulling all the strings off the "bobbles", making them, well, dead.

Today my boy went off on a harbourside picnic with his whole school. Seeing those five huge buses lined up outside the school gates gave me a lump in my throat. He's getting so big. Here we are, just about finished kindy already. Wow.

We had a thank-you morning tea for classroom helpers at school yesterday and everyone had a lovely time milling about and chatting. The principal called the room to attention to make a little speech. We all hushed to listen to what she had to say. T must have decided the principal projected her voice that little bit too well because she started yelling over the top of the principal, "Too noisy!" and "Mum, it's too noisy!" Thankfully everyone saw the funny side...!!