Wednesday, September 1, 2010

In the back seat

My poor blog. It has really taken a back seat in the past couple of weeks. That's because there's been plenty going on:

* I am headed back into the office - from next week. I seriously cannot wait. It's at my old place of employment, two days a week. It takes the pressure off me in terms of freelancing. It's nice to have a regular amount of income, even if it's not much!

* T has started family day care. I lucked out and got what was seemingly the only place in the entire inner-west. And it happens to be very close to our house and where E goes to preschool. Hooray!

* I have just handed in a whopping great load of freelance work - thank goodness I am through it all!

* The little lady turns ONE tomorrow. Am not ready for that! I've been feeling all nostalgic and wistful ...'but she's my BABY!'

* We had a prang last week - totally my fault. I didn't look left turning into a one-way lane. Our car was only a little dinged, the other was a bit of a mess. Eeek. Frankly I'm amazed it hasn't happened sooner given how little sleep I have been driving on of late. This year marks 20 years of driving for me and it's my first insurance claim. C'est la vie...

* Speaking of the car, as we pulled into our driveway yesterday I turned around to find my two holding hands in the back seat and I was quick enough to snap this pic with my phone. Fairly melted my heart, I tell you.


Super Sarah said...

ONE? You cannot be serious! WOW. That has flown by. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl and well done you on going back to work, I am always slightly envious of returning to work Mums!

Stomper Girl said...

Happy birthday to little T. Was the photo-taking whilst driving at all related to the car accident?