Monday, March 26, 2012

Double take

I read one of Deepak Chopra's books not so long ago, called Synchrodestiny. In a nutshell, it's all about seeing "the universe's meaning" in coincidences and the like. I wouldn't normally pick up a book like this, but I spied it at the library and thought I'd give it a whirl.

I reckon it's an interesting premise.

I only mention this book because last week while I was making dinner my daughter grabbed a head of broccoli and started munching away. She did it long enough for me to grab the camera and snap this shot:

The reason I ran to get the camera was that I'd taken a shot of my son sitting in the very same spot, doing this very thing at this very age...

I have to admit I was a little spooked!

OK Universe, so what does it all mean?!!...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Young at 90...

Our school turns 90 this week. And in honour of this milestone all the stage-one (little) kids had to dress up today as either a 1920s or 1890s school student. They looked fabulous! Everyone had a bit of fun raiding the local secondhand stores for olde get-up. This is how E went to school:

It was not too hard to pull this one together: cap, $1, Vinnies Summer Hill; Shirt, $3, Marrickville secondhand store; waistcoat $1, Vinnies Summer Hill; (Scout!) shorts, $2, Vinnies Summer Hill; lace-up Clarkes shoes (a most excellent find), $4, Marrickville.

Tomorrow everyone has been asked to contribute to a cake decorating display. I must admit I thought this may be a bit of an ask on top of the dress-ups ... but I gave it a go and tomorrow E will take his cake to school to put in with the others.

So here's the school emblem, ripped from the corner of our newsletter:

Here's my 'emblem' cake, rendered in licorice.

A little wonky but I must confess to being quite proud of that effort!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Two and a half

Someone has turned two and a half.

I think this particular age is a challenging one. I'm not talking so much about the crazy obsessions (lord help me if I cut her sandwich into triangles and she wanted squares) and public meltdowns, but the letting go of the 'babyness'.

Emerging from this sweet little head is such a force of personality that it knocks me off my feet sometimes.

I find (mostly) that I can't get enough of her deliciousness. But then when the 'No! Mummy do it!' gets rolled out for the 100th time in a day, well... yes, it's challenging.

But this moment in time, the sweetness, the comprehension, the blossoming... ah, I'm so privileged to be a part of it.

What a girl!