Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bunched up

Someone has decided she likes wearing her hairs in pigtails.

So she is sporting the world's tiniest bunches.

10 points for enthusiasm, T!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Someone turns seven

It's official: I have a seven-year-old. For weeks now, we've all been thinking about E turning seven (mainly because he's been talking so excitedly about it for months!) but today, well, here we are.

A marble cake was the birthday request, and so that was what his dad baked him. A good job he did, too. It is mighty lovely.

E went to school today with a chunk of it in his lunchbox. And a tray of Donna Hay double chocolate cupcakes to share with his class. Let's just say the oven has been running hot round these parts.

A funny thing has happened to E. Almost as if on cue, he suddenly seems more grown-up. Both yesterday and this morning, he thanked Shaun and I with such genuine gratitude for his birthday presents that he made me glow with pride. 

I guess he really is growing up.

This guy, he's so easy to love. 

I remember reading somewhere, an age ago, that seven is the age when boys begin to 'pull away' from their mum and gravitate more towards their dad. I think it was in something Steve Biddulph had written. I guess we'll see fairly soon if that's true. 

Last night, as we wished our six-year-old goodnight for the very last time, E said to Shaun: 'I wish I could stay a little kid forever.' Shaun said he wished so too. But me? I am loving watching this little guy thrive and change and grow.

Happy birthday E!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Pluses and minuses

Plus: it's the school holidays! Minus: Ewan has chicken pox! Plus: the sun is shining! Minus: we had to cancel our trip away to the snow. Plus: the place we were going to stay has given us a credit note, so we can go another time... Minus: going to be tricky to get into the office for my working week... Plus: we've been forced to stay in and slow down. Today we snipped paper (the little one) and made paper 'fortune tellers' (the big one) in the wintry sunshine all morning. And it was good.