Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend refresher

It feels like a loooooong time since I had a *proper*, relaxing holiday. And that would be because it IS a loooooong time since I had one.

So this weekend I escaped for the weekend, to beautiful Byron Bay. With a girlfriend. No kids (yaaaay!). Well, it was a heavenly, heavenly break. We flew up on Friday night and returned Sunday evening. That may sound a short period of time, but to someone unaccustomed to having all that free time it was BLISS.

The food! The walks on the beach! The beautiful accommodation! The nanna naps (oh yes).The cocktails! The SHOPPING (without stroller and screechy toddler).

It was all so good. And a wonderful reminder about just how much a little break can recharge the batteries.

Can I go back now?!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

ALL the mothers

This year's Mother's Day has been a bittersweet one for me.

Personally, I have had a gorgeous day.

Beautiful handmade cards filled with proclamations of devotion, pancakes in bed, a bike ride in the sunshine, dinner made for me, so many cuddles.


However, there has been so much tragedy for two of my very close girlfriends in recent months. This Mother's Day cannot have been easy for either of them. I would never write about their predicaments, these are intensely personal and not my story to be telling.

So this Mother's Day I can't help but feel incredibly heavy-hearted - for the mothers who have lost their babies, born and unborn.

There is no silver lining for them. But these past few weeks have sharpened something in me. All I can say is I hold my babies closer.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Some days are just right, aren't they?

I would say that those days are elusive, but when you strike one you sure can feel the loveliness of it all.

Take today. Nothing special. We just wandered over the road and sat in the park with a hastily assembled picnic. The kids pootled about. We read snatches of newspaper. Autumn sunshine at its best. Nothing special ... and yet everything special.