Monday, October 17, 2011

Some people have all the luck...

... and last week I was feeling like one of them!

Because Shaun and I got to go on a beautiful four-day walk in South Australia. On our own! With no kids! Just us! And ... it was, ahem, work (if you can *really* call what is essentially a wonderful, delightful treat 'work).

Anyhow, that's what it was.

I am reluctant to give away too much detail here because obviously my story hasn't yet been published (or written). But can I just say that the 'luxury camping' experience was every bit as fabulous as it sounds.

We got to enjoy all the best bits of being out in the open without any of the irritating chores and lugging stuff it normally comes with. Hooray!

We walked all day and relaxed by a roaring campfire all evening, glass of beautiful SA red in hand. Sigh.

We walked with another couple who were just lovely company and a guide who knocked our socks off with her incredible local knowledge.

And the wildlife? Astonishing. We're talking wedgetail eagles in their nests, native budgerigars swooping above our heads, sweet little emu chicks, euros galore and even a sighting of some native hopping mice.

It was a heavenly break.