Friday, September 9, 2011


And so this little lady turned two last week.

I thought I would be sad to see her turn two, and I guess I am a little sad that the baby years are done and dusted forever, but too many friends have lost babies now that I actually feel pretty lucky to have passed through the baby years safely.

The past two years have not flown. They have not plodded either; they've just passed as usual and to me it's like our T has always been around.

So here we are, firmly in toddler territory now. It's like a switch turned on around her birthday and suddenly the merest thing can escalate into a full-scale tantrum.

But hey, I've lived through many a tanty, I'll survive these ones too.

When she's not face-down on the carpet (or any available surface, really) she is my big-eyed, funny, inquisitive, chatty, downright gorgeous girl.

She makes me smile so much - I just can't get enough of her!