Tuesday, October 5, 2010

In the mix

Dear October,
How did you get here so quickly? Much to post, and yet so little time to sit down and do so. In the meantime, here's someone who doesn't like sitting down all that much any more.

No, she prefers standing (more like teetering and giving her mother conniptions in the process - skull + tiles + crashing bub = bad news).

And him - ol' Spiderboy - having read George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl he's most into making his own rather marvellous medicine in the backyard. There always has to be a 'secret ingredient' that I have to rustle up. In a flash of (impressive, if I do say so myself) inspiration, I added a teaspoon of Eno to his 'medicine' yesterday and it duly frothed and fizzed. The boy was all 'Wooooohoooo'.

One to me.


Stomper Girl said...

You may regret that next time you have a stomach upset, I'm just saying.

kurrabikid said...

Ha! Don't worry, Stomper, we buy the FAMILY-SIZED Eno...!

Thrifted Treasure said...

Ah yes, I remember the teeterin' on the tiles days :-) Heart lurching moments! She looks so cute vertical though!