Thursday, March 4, 2010

Six months

So my baby is six months now.

I wish I had the time and energy and brain space to write a proper, considered post. But I don't. There's too much going on right now. The book-editing project I've taken on is going well but, oh, it is a lot of work. I have a column to write. I have two kids to feed, wash, entertain and clean up after.

And I could REALLY do with a GOOD SLEEP.

OK, that's my whinge off my chest. Back to Miss T. She continues to be a delight. There are a couple of minor issues going on with her. She's developed eczema - like her brother and half the rest of the world. I was hoping she'd miss out on that one.

She's off to the neurosurgery clinic at the Children's Hospital in a few weeks. She has a flat head - like her brother before her and like half the population of Australian babies, or so it seems. I suspect they will tell us to go away and not bother them again (I think my GP is being overly cautious).

She's about to be forced to learn to go to sleep on her own. I've fallen into the (lovely) habit of feeding her until she's sleepy (not actually asleep) and popping her into her cot, where she happily dozes off without a peep. This works for us both (except that I feel like I am always feeding her). She usually wakes once a night for a feed, and sometimes not at all. So I suppose she's not relying on me to push through those sleep cycles.


She had her check-up at the early childhood clinic today and the nurse warned me about that - she said I should probably nip that in the bud before she gets older and more aware and it becomes an almighty problem.

So I suppose I will.

Just as soon as I can find some energy.

Oh and here's the only pic I could find where her eczema doesn't look too festy. Nice.

You know, all this stuff is minor. She's doing well. Doing all the right things ... except she's not really near sitting yet. And apparently that's my fault, for not giving her enough tummy time. I must do that.

Now where's that energy again?


Melody said...

Tummy time? No way. Miss L has had virtually zero tummy time but is now sitting up quite good on her own, a bit wobbly but she can do it.

MissL too has a bit of a flat head, she was born that way and no one has said anything to me about it - but then the aftercare in terms of babies over here is pretty ordinary...

(And yes, back online here so stay tuned for a post in the v. near future!)

Suzana said...

Eczema can be a real problem for adults and kids, especially the itching. I will tell you what did the trick for me, it is a product called Regen. It is an all-natural, cosmetic face cream that does not even sting if it gets into your eyes. (Great for babies, try it on diaper rash too) But the real magic for me was that it takes out itch (even poison ivy) and eczema! Look at these pics: Even better, it is all natural, allergy free, not steroids or drugs, and it is guaranteed! Best wishes, Suz.

P.S. Knocks out sunburn pain too!

jules said...

Wow, i don't think my kids have seen a gp, talen has horrible eczema on his legs, the joys of the heat, it calms down when the weather gets cooler.
Ah sarah, T will sit up and crawl and walk when she is ready.
She will be fine!!!

Stomper Girl said...

Second child syndrome, where you just let them get on with it and occasionally berate yourself for not giving them the same attention as the firstborn ie appropriate amounts of tummy time. Happens to the best of us...

Also, I truly rooly believe that teaching your baby to self-settle is a gift you give them for the rest of their life (not to mention one that has considerable benefits for your own foreseeable future) because no-one wants to be an insomniac when they grow up.

Congrats on making it to 6 months! She's so cute. Love the pics with her and the dolly. And the cheapo real estate flyer story was priceless. (I'd probably prefer one of them to Farex, any day)