Wednesday, February 24, 2010


My last post heralded the beginning of Miss T's eating. It began well.

Since then? Not so good.

I think the first feed was a success purely because of her curiosity (or perhaps just plain fluke?) because I've been diligently offering her rice cereal or the alternative, mashed banana, ever since and, oh, the screwed-up-ness of the little face.

Then yesterday there was a mildly alarming occurrence on the eating front. I stumbled into the house carrying one handbag, two bags of shopping, the contents of the mailbox and one wriggly baby. I plonked T on the bed and, to amuse her while I put the groceries away, I gave her a brightly coloured flyer from the mailbox. As you do.

By the time I came back in to get her, all of 30 seconds later, the corner of the flyer was gone. In its place a soggy mouth-shaped chomp mark.

The child ingested a real-estate flyer.

So. Yeah. First food: rice cereal. Second? Cheapo paper flyer.

I was quite concerned. Would she get ill? How would her poor little digestive system cope? She looked OK, but just to be sure I rang a friend of mine who's a printer.

He assured me that all commercial inks are vegetable based these days, and no, I didn't need to take her to the doctor - that was after he stopped laughing.

Possibly not my proudest parenting moment!


Melody said...

Lol!! Miss L would probably do the same given half a chance!

I've been giving her paw paw the last few days. A quick buzz in the microwave and she basically 'wolfs' it down. (Recommended in Nigella lawson's 'How To Eat')

Haven't been around due to moving and no internet. Borrowing a neighbours 'stick' but should be back on board by weeks end.

jules said...

anisha and talen both loved mashed pumpkin, its sweeter if you bake it, then you can eat all the yummy crunchy bits, and give T the rest.