Sunday, March 21, 2010

Playing catch-up

My goodness the weeks have been busy of late.

So busy I've not even dared start writing a blog post, because I know it will sit there unfinished and bothering me in its half-complete form. Tonight, though, there's nothing on telly, no book I'm devouring (there's been a lot of that lately - I put it down to being in desperate need of a touch of escapism), kids - finally - in bed, bloke tinkering in the shed and a beautiful southerly breeze sweeping in to chase away the day's oppressive heat (memo to universe: it's supposed to be autumn, you know).

So what's been happening? Too much, probably. I am deeply ensconced in the book editing project I am working on from home. It's all going really well, but I have to admit I am counting down the weeks (six) until it's published because, jeez, working from home with a six-month-old around is NOT EASY.

I knew it wouldn't be when I took this job on, but when I signed the contract she was a snoozy three-month-old. These days, she's not quite so happy to lay and suck on her own toes next to the computer while I squeeze in some work in awake time. Darn it.

And so every Weds-Fri, I drop the boy at daycare, put T down for a sleep and work like a demon for the 1-2hrs she sleeps in the morning. I get a coffee, switch on the computer and focus as best as I can (which depends on the number of hours sleep I got the night before). Then after she wakes I might try to steal half an hour of extra work time by typing with one hand while bouncing her on my knee or popping her in her play centre (what a godsend that is). This is her in it:

I suppose her day sleeps add up to about 3-4 hours a day, so that's much time I can devote to the book. And then of course there is my column to write ... and the dinner to make, the washing to hang out, and all the other things that inevitably crop up.

Anyhow, I really shouldn't complain. How lucky am I to be able to find work that's so flexible that I can do it all from home, when it suits me? So lucky.

Now that I have started a blog post I feel like there's so much to write, but alas I can hear my bed calling me, so here are a couple of pictures instead...

This is the little lady doing some of the prescribed tummy time. She's been making me most anxious with her reluctance to roll from her stomach to her back. She can roll onto her tummy just fine but whinges like mad for me to flip her back, and there's only so long you can listen to that kind of noise...

Anyhow, I've stopped worrying about the rolling thing now because her brother reports that she "rolls over from her tummy to her back all night, Mummy. I've seen her". They share a room - I should have got a progress report from him earlier!

Sitting up is the next thing for her. And she's doing really well - almost there! A bit wobbly on occasion, but getting there. E took the following photo of me doing some 'sitting supervision'!

And here she is, doin' it for herself...

And, whenever she tires of sitting up all on her lonesome, there's always someone who's EXTREMELY willing to help out...

She's so lucky to have such a loving brother.


Stomper Girl said...

Excellent sitting! I always think it must be hard for them with their big heads. My firstborn's head size was on the 97th percentile, fortunately for him he was also a big roly-poly butter baby and was therefore an excellent sitter, while the skinny minis toppled over around him.

Good luck with the editing. Is she too little for some Wiggles action?

Super Sarah said...

Oh how I understand that rush to get stuff done during nap time. Stella has been resisting her morning sleep the last few days and I am NOT HAPPY! I will persist! How is the sharing a bedroom going?

Melody said...

Snap, snap, snap!

Are you finding that E is finding T more interesting now; being that gorgeous little age of 6 mths - I know MissM is with MissL - always wanting to hold her, sit with her etc., Good in some instances, but not always.

I admire your ability to beable to do some 'proper adult work' whilst being the mother of 2 young children. Do you collapse into bed at night like I do?