Monday, March 29, 2010

Nice Merc if you can get it...

One of the more exciting aspects of Shaun's job is that he gets to write a motoring column. Which means we have all manner of vehicles parked out the front of our place at times - goodness only knows what the neighbours make of it all!

A couple of weeks back we had a Mercedes for a week. Not just any old Merc, mind you. Apparently it's an AMG (that's the sporty model, apparently). This is the beast:

'Beast' is a kind of appropriate description - it would let out a guttural growl when turned on. Oh hang on, you don't actually have to turn it on with a key. You simply have to have the key on you or with you - the car senses it. How perfect for gals (like me) who always have too much in their bags and keys that seem to hide whenever you need them?

I know virtually nothing about cars. I have almost zero interest in. Which means when we get a car to try I'm all about the experience of the passenger. This particular car has in-seat warming and cooling. I'm not kidding. See:

The kids got to ride in the leathery back, protected by inbuilt sun protection screens (oh to have those in real life). If only there was a button to make the boy crack a smile.

You can't really see it in the picture below, but there were all sorts of amazing buttons to control the seats. One kind of 'gripped' you as you went round even the slightest corner. I found that a bit freaky. Fine for the autobahn, not so useful in the 40km zones of suburban Sydney.

The most impressive button was the one that actually massages you, up and down the back, as you sit there. How incredible. I was enjoying this immensely ... until I realised the vibration was enhancing my motion sickness. Bleurgh.

Since this car we have had the hybrid Camry (liked it) and we're getting a Volvo for the Easter weekend. I personally don't understand the appeal of fancy cars. Any car is only required to get from A to B, if you ask me. No-one actually needs a massaging seat.

Tis money gone mad.

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Melody said...

gee, how many guys would *love* your husbands job? He should come over to the UAE and see the cars here - I'm not much of a car girl but gee, I am in love with quite a few cars I've never seen before. Lyndons new car gets loads of looks - it is a Mini CooperS Supercharged. He even has had Emiraties who drive the top model Mercs/Ferraris etc wanting to get in and wanting the specs. Unreal. And no, I wouldn't want a back massage whilst in the car.