Monday, February 22, 2010


Something a little bit momentous occurred here yesterday: Miss T had her first taste of real food (if you can call rice cereal 'real food').

She's 25 weeks and turns 6 calendar months next week, so I figure that's close enough to starting point. For the past few weeks T has been eyeing our food very hungrily - surely a sign she may be ready?

I was heading to the supermarket yesterday (on my own... yay... this is the nearest I am going to get to a day at the spa or a mini-break - sad or what?!) and so I picked up some rice cereal for her.

We cracked it open, mixed it with some breastmilk, popped on a bib and - lo - she ate.

Boy, did she eat. She gobbled it up.

It was as though she was saying, "Oh you people, didn't you realise I've been starving for weeks? There you are torturing me with your bikkies and your sandwiches and all I get is boring old milk..."

I felt a little sad to let go of my tiny baby who feeds only from me - though that will continue, it's just that she will have other food too.

So we've dragged the highchair up from the garage and given it a good hose-down.

Am braced for my kitchen to again become a baby destructo-zone. Smeared carrot, anyone?


Juliette said...

oh memories

M said...

really, my least favourite part of babyhood. Let's hope she's an eater not a smearer.

Mama Mogantosh said...

This bubba is seriously cute. But have to take the oppsoute position to M above - I love those early eating days. Yes, messy. But it's crazy fun messay. And it's not like they really, really need the food so you don't have to be right on top of packing snacks and thnigs when you're out. You can always stick them back on the boob.

And, sad but true, I too have replaced real-world outings with the supermarket, and I totally enjoy myslelf...