Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The first 6 weeks

The little one is 6 weeks old today. I know I keep saying this, but it feels as though she has been around forever. Even while I have been in the thick of it, I still have to say that I adore little newborns. Some people like babies better when they can play and grin or talk, but I love them when they are small and squeaky and smell so delicious. Even if they do steal your sleep.

Baby T is starting to try to smile and she opens her eyes so wide when she hears our voices (especially her brother's since he, at 4, knows NO VOLUME CONTROL WHATSOEVER). Just last night we moved her into her cot in E's room and she slept very contentedly in it. I can't explain just how it floods my heart to walk in there in the dark and see not one but two peacefully sleeping children ... aaah!

Speaking of sleep, T's daytime naps are erratic - some days (like today) she'll impress us with three nice big long naps, but other days it's more like catnapping. At night she does the witching hour thing from about 6-9.30pm, after which she will sleep somewhere between 4.5 and 6 hours, feed and then pop off for another 4-5 hours. That's not too bad, though I do still dream of a night when I could sleep right through ... oh well, never mind.

It's never fun dragging yourself out of a warm bed at 3.20am, but I think there is a secret pleasure to sitting in the dim light, in the total quiet, with nothing else to do, nowhere else to be, just gazing at your baby.


Super Sarah said...

I can completely relate to the feelings about those middle of the night quiet feeds. I loved those early days when I would get out of bed and cuddle up on the couch with my baby. Now she is such an accomplished feeder that she can be done in 10 minutes and straight back to sleep! I only wish she wasn't still doing it twice a night!

Melody said...

Our Monet has no volume control either! Poor girl - she was constantly told to 'shhh' but now we worked out that if we pretend to point an invisible remote control at her (as in volume control) it worked. She doesn't get all stroppy when we do that...

I quite like the night feeds (besides the broken sleep) too when it is so quiet and it is just her and I. *sigh*

You seem to have much more of a smooth routine than we do - it is pot luck if Lily sleeps for a six hour stint!