Friday, October 9, 2009

An almost smile

Yesterday was a bit rough. Baby T decided she preferred catnaps to real naps and so I was up/down, up/down - feeding, patting, rocking. Etc. However, in between her grumpy spells she was trying to smile (she is 5 weeks now). Check it out:

She's been charming us with little flickers of smiles and occasionally huge face-splitting beauties - yeah, yeah, wind. It was good to catch a bit of a smile on camera. Good for me anyway, not so much for her.

Too much clicking, not enough cuddling. This is the result:

Photo session OVER.


jules said...

Sarah, Thea is soooo beautiful!!!!!!

Melody said...

Hey SNAP. We kinda had a day like that yesterday and today is proving the same! And a smile? Wow, lucky you. I'm waiting...waiting....waiting.

M said...

So gorgeous.