Thursday, October 22, 2009

He sings! He dances!

Finally! I have a way to put my boisterous 4yo to good use: may I introduce you to Mr Entertainment.

Now she's 7 weeks old, T likes to partake in a little awake time. She will lay on her playmat (nappy off, legs kicking like wild ... oh the freedom!) while her crazy brother shows her books, demonstrates how to use her toys and generally jumps around
like a nutter.

And she reckons he's the coolest dude she's ever seen.

This morning I let her lay there and kick about, watching him, while I had a shower. I lectured him about not jumping anywhere near her head, not thrusting the books into her face, etc, and then I had the fastest shower in the world, expecting to hear a pained cry any second. Of course, I didn't ... she was as happy as a lark.

Miss T's awake times do tend to be spent happily these days - she's really 'coming alive' with loads of smiles and coos, squeaky noises and 'puppy wagging its tail' squirms. Golden days indeed.


Super Sarah said...

Its wonderful when they can start interacting, now Amy is still the only person who can get a spontaneous laugh from Stella! Amy is very careful around Stella and I can leave her "in charge" for ten minutes while I grab a shower but occasionally there will be a yelp and Amy will rush up to tell me "sorry Mumma, I banged her"! I feel quite proud that she is able to be so honest!!

Stomper Girl said...

Isn't it gorgeous how much babies love older siblings? Actually our Next-Door-Baby is completely besotted with my boys, I think just big kids in general are a baby's idea of heaven.

But what a lovely brother your boy sounds!

So Now What? said...

That is gorgeous. This blog is so lovely. One day, when they are our age, how lovely they will have a record of their very early years. Well done for doing it. We all know the firsst 3 months are a freaking blur. I love it. Bern

Melody said...

Yes, why is it that the younger sibling adores the older sibling? I just did a post stating that Monet gets all the smiles in our family...

Thrifted Treasure said...

Aww he sounds like a great big bruv :-) It's so sweet when the baby becomes more animated and the big kids get such fun out of them.