Thursday, October 29, 2009

Eight weeks

Here we are at 8 weeks. It's a very nice place to be. T is charming us with lots of lovely, cheeky grins and funny, shouty coos. Tis all rather cute.

But even more impressive is the fact she has demonstrated that she can (note the 'can', as opposed to does - not counting any chickens yet) sleep for a 10-hour stretch. She has done an 8.30 to 6am sleep three times now. Not every night, but she is capable of it...

This is good news indeed.


Super Sarah said...

Oh, gorgeous! She is beautiful, such a great smile. And wow, I remember what it feels like to get those long stretches after the harrowing first few months. Long may it last for you! (Stella slept until 5.35am this morning, please let it last for us too!)

Melody said...

Awesome! Gee I got excited when Lily did a 7 hour stretch for me last night...10 hours would be bliss!! We're getting little noises now too - *so cute* - and loads of smiles etc.,

Like you said, it is a nice place to be at.