Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I'm still here! Hanging in there at almost 38 weeks now (officially there on Thurs). It's all feeling a bit ... precarious, but I am still at home and still pregnant. This is excellent work on my behalf!

I had a check-up today, the upshot of which is I've been prescribed a day in hospital on Thurs for monitoring and a new type of tablet to add to the six I'm taking.

Having never been this pregnant before, I'm really not too sure how much of the sheer tiredness is the drugs and how much is just, well, normal for this heavily pregnant. I've had a couple more contractions, but nothing to blink an eyelid at. Today the obstetrician offered to "stretch" my cervix in the hope of bringing on a labour (the only tool we have at our disposal since I can't be induced). Err, no thanks - not when I'm not even at 38 weeks yet. Hmmm. Next week?

But then maybe, just maybe, by then the baby will have made an appearance of its own accord. Gosh, that would be lovely.


Super Sarah said...

Well done! Great news to hear you are still hanging in there. Every day counts at this end of the pregnancy and I will be eagerly checking back to see how you go! I don't know about the drugs, but I was EXHAUSTED at the end of my pregnancy, not to alarm you but I went for another four weeks after 38 weeks with Amy and another 3 with Stella!

M said...

stretch the cervix? Bleh. She Shivers thinking about it.

Great to hear you are hanging in there. Good luck!

Melody said...

I so hope my baby arrives if not on their due date, before. I. am. over. it. I am sure you must be just about too (and I am just over 36 weeks!)