Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A day at the zoo

We decided last weekend that on the Sunday we should do something E would enjoy - I mean, it's not like we don't usually play with him, treat him and generally indulge most of his whims every weekend ... but with the baby's imminent arrival we figured we should do something nice, something possibly memorable, something just the three of us.

It was a gorgeous sunny day so we headed out of town to a nice seaside place called Stanwell Park. On the edge of this town there's a little zoo - emphasis on the little ... it's not exactly Taronga! But that suited me just fine, especially since I don't walk any further than I can help at this point in time.

E had a blast! He led us round the zoo, pointing out the koalas, llamas, red panda, Tasmanian devil etc, etc. After we'd been and had lunch at a nearby pub that has AMAZING water views (it's called The Headland if you're ever in those parts) we asked E what his favourite animal of the day had been.

To which he replied: "Hmmmm, caterpillar." Okey doke.

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