Wednesday, August 5, 2009

In the garden

There are quite a few advantages to having an August baby. The main one being that this little bub has been keeping me beautifully warm so far this winter (note to self: remember breastfeeding E at 3am on those chilly August/September nights? Yup, that's called payback). And of course it's possible to layer, layer, layer clothing, which at least makes you look a bit less ginormously pregnant even if that's not how you feel.

Then there's the divine Sydney winter sunshine we've been having at the moment (enjoying it but it's making me mightily nervy - what if, when we bring the baby home, we get weeks on end of grey rainy days? Not sure I could handle that level of cabin fever!).

But possibly one of the most useful things about having an August baby is the fact we have several of these beauties in the vegie patch:

I'm not only excited at the prospect of eating them (though that will be most excellent), anyone who's ever had issues with breastfeeding and too much milk will know exactly what I am planning to use them for...


Super Sarah said...

Hah, ha, ha... very clever. Yes, I know exactly what you are going to do with those! I seperated mine and put them into bags in the fridge, best ever. Strangely enough I didn't need to use anything for engorgement or pain this time around. Although it did take me a while to get our latch right and I used a load of lansinoh cream, my actual boobs didn't hurt nearly as much as last time!

kurrabikid said...

Gosh, I hope I have the same experience as you, Sarah, because it took weeks to get the hang of things with E.