Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Feeling jumpy

I haven't bothered too much about the whole swine flu thing. Until today, that is. Just as there are more cases confirmed I am stuck at home with a sick and feverish toddler. Which inevitably leads one to wonder 'what if'...

Having just read up on what's what on a couple of government health websites, my rational side tells me he doesn't have this strain of flu. Mainly because he's not THAT sick (one advice page says H1N1 presents as a fever of over 39, while his has been under that) and because we haven't been anywhere that might be where it could have passed to him.

Or have we? At what point do I take him to a doctor?

Argh! It's doing my head in. I am trying to look after him well, but to be aware that I don't need a case of any flu either at 26 weeks pregnant.

I guess we just have to roll with it ...


Super Sarah said...

I sympathise. My toddler has been sneezing and sniffing and then today she felt warm but my ear-thermometer said her temp was normal. I still worried as we (stupidly) met friends at Circular Quay on Sunday for coffee so could easily have been exposed to someone with the strain of flu. I called my Dr today and they said to keep a close eye on her, if her fever goes higher than 39 to call back and they would arrange for us to come in and be swabbed. They want to know before we come in for our sake and theirs as my new baby doesn't need to be exposed to anything in the Dr surgery. Thankfully I think its just a cold and hopefully yours is too!

M said...

The advice Sarah got seems sound. Luckily in the city we can send out for food via HomeShop if we get to that point.

Let's just hope it's a bit of a cold...

petite gourmand said...

Oh I hope he feels better soon.
Lulu was sick a few weeks ago (well what else is new?) and I started getting all freaked out about swine flu as well.
Especially after spending time at the airport in NYC.
Scary times.
Makes me want to cocoon and not go anywhere for a long time.
Hang in there- hopefully it's just the beginning of a cold and that's all.