Friday, May 29, 2009

Names, names, names

My head is spinning in them! What to call the new baby?

I borrowed two books from the library. One is called 'Cool Names for Babies' and among the too-out-there-to-even-contemplate names there are a couple that are okay. The other book is called '20,001 Names for Babies'. Oh my goodness ... it's TOO, TOO much!

Every time I open it I am overwhelmed.

Shaun and I have discussed names a couple of times but we're still at the 'giggle at how stupid that would sound' stage.

I am hopeful that a name or two will just come to me. That's possibly the only way I am ever going to navigate my way through the naming maze.


Melody said...

We're in the same boat. It is too hard to compete with a name like Monet.

kurrabikid said...

Yes, it's tricky to work in with a sibling's name, avoid awful nicknames, not give the kids the same initials ...
A minefield, truly!!

Anonymous said...

Hee! My partner and I started going through thematic lists of our interests, pubs, Irish republican heroes, artists, musicians etc, til we found one we both liked that wasn't taken already by a member of the family (that was a bit of a problem with the Irish republican heroes). We got a boy's name in about half an hour. Then we spent the next six months debating girl's names. If we do ever have a girl we'll have to debate all over again because the name we settled on is very similar to my neice who was born a few months after our son.

jules said...

Arh the name game!!!
I found out the sex of both my children, so you would think I would have had a name checked and chosen ready for its arrival....
but alas NO. for both of my children it took me another month to decide..
I had the added help of a Sikh tradition, where they open their Holy Book on the day the child is born and the first letter on the left hand page, will be the letter the childs name starts with. Kinda narrowed it down, not having to bother with names starting with the other 25 letters, still a month of short listing, I have Anisha, and Talen ( i got his name from flicking thru the street directory on the way home from our 2week stay at the RPA )