Saturday, May 23, 2009

Little things

Last weekend I went to our local secondhand shop and stocked up on teeny tiny clothes. I found a yellow all-in-one 00000 suit that had clearly never been worn. Plus some sweet little white organic cotton trousers in 0000. Then two or three beautiful things that had a 'Made in France' label. All were in perfect condition. I bought 15 items (well, three were little pairs of socks that were only 20c a pair) and the entire lot cost me $19. My trusty calculator reports that, socks aside, each piece cost an average of $1.20.

BARGAIN! Why would you buy new?

This particular secondhand shop often has great bargains. I suspect it was a case of good karma, finding so many lovely little things for the baby. When my mum was staying recently, we sorted out E's baby clothes (this was the reason I bought some smaller items - realised I'd given his 00000 and 0000 clothes away to a friend ages back). We got rid of anything we had too many of (who needs 18 size 00 Wondersuits?), anything stretched, anything I didn't particularly like.

We packed up about 5 cardboard boxes worth of baby clothes (I have been given a LOT of clothes over the years) and took them to the depot of the secondhand shop I refer to above.

So finding what I actually needed a week or two later was like some amazing trade! I don't think I really need to buy anything else for this baby. Nothing. Clothes-wise we are ready (not in any other way though!!), and the total spend has been about $20. Not bad.

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Super Sarah said...

I have yet to go through Amy's stuff from early on as she was born in a different season and we didn't know we were having another girl. Now that Stella is here I am going to embrace the pink all over again! Stella has already outgrown a lot of the 000 we have, mainly the bonds wondersuits and I have a few 0000's that she never even got into that were given to us. I knew she was going to be big! Well done on your bargains, fantastic result as they just grow so fast its a waste to spend a lot of money!