Saturday, May 2, 2009

Camera joys

We are the owners of a new camera. I wouldn't say 'proud owners' because relations between us and this little camera have not started on a good foot. You see, webought it in NZ, duty-free. Which was all good and well until ... we opened the box at home.

The camera we bought is a Lumix FS6. Nice. From the playing around we've done the pics are better than our Canon PowerShot takes (but only because it's older and been battered a bit).


There was a problem. The little door that encloses the battery and the memory card was it. It just didn't shut properly. Seriously, you could put a fingernail in the gap. Now, this is a worry to me. What about moisture getting in? What about the battery not connecting?

So I rang Panasonic Australia. They immediately fobbed me off to Panasonic NZ. I emailed them a cranky email and Panasonic NZ immediately assured me I should speak to Panasonic Australia.

Frustrating, no?

Anyhow, Panasonic Australia told me to take the camera to one of their service centres, which is not far from our place (luckily). I took it in. The guy behind the desk goes, "That's just how they make them."

Eh? With a gap between the door and the most vital elements of the camera's functioning?

Anyhow, they took it. A get a call. They still think it's 'normal'. But since it's under warranty they have replaced the latch.

We pick it up today. The latch is a fraction better. Slightly.

What to do? Get our money back from Panasonic? Clearly it's a bit shoddy and won't last. Or just shrug and go, well, you know, nothing is made to last these days. Panasonic wants us to go out and buy a new camera in two years ...

Don't you hate it when things (especially new things) don't just work?

Anyhow, here are a couple of pics from the new camera showing E and his bestest buddy Bobo. And the baby leeks and lettuces in our garden...

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Melody said...


I understand.

We bought a brand spanking 42" LCD Philips TV when we first came over here. Within 2-3 months of owning it, we discovered one morning a red stripe running from top to bottom of screen. It was taken away (try doing stuff like that in a dodgy foreign country!) and left us without our big screen telly for 8 weeks!!! (They gave us a small replacement). We only got it back a couple of weeks ago but it was very frustrating to have a brand new product do this. We won't be buying Philips again in the future. (As nice as a tv it is)