Thursday, April 30, 2009


In my last post I wrote about being perplexed that, a week or two ago, three separate people claimed to be surprised (I actually think they were) that I was pregnant.

I really think I look pregnant.

They say the second time your bump is bigger and I fit into that category. For sure. I'm only 22 weeks but it feels a bit like 32 (well, not that bad, but bigger regardless).

Thinking about it, I figured I needed to post a picture to explain, so you can see why I was so stunned that folk didn't notice the tummy.

Or - worse - what the hell did they think I've been eating?!!!

Check it out (sorry, dodgy pic snapped before racing out the door to work this morning):


Stomper Girl said...

That is definitely a baby bump.

My ex-BIL who was grossly obese himself had the nerve to comment that he'd thought I was looking a bit heavier just before we had belatedly announced to the family at large that I was 16 weeks pregnant (a few years ago). Hey dude, don't comment on my weight and I won't comment on yours, deal?

M said...

Yep, definitely a baby in there.

Mind you people do get nervous about assuming. A friend of mine is 20-something weeks and another mutual friend double-checked with me to be sure she was preggers before she said anything.

jules said...

Your bump looks beautiful!!