Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Here I am at 22 weeks pregnant. In one way it feels as though I have been pregnant forever. In others, like it's flashed by (though mostly it feels a long while).

I am feeling good, but there are so many things I'd forgotten about being pregnant that I truly worry about just how much I have forgotten about looking after a baby (like, all of it).

I'd forgotten that I can fall sleep at the drop of a hat. Give me 10 quiet minutes (ha!) and I can sleep for 5 of them. But the converse side of that is, whoa, the uncomfortableness of having to sleep on your side all the time! I really like sleeping on my back.

I'd also forgotten how, at 5 months pregnant, you're still in that 'is she or isn't she?' stage. To me this is bizarre. I clearly look pregnant. But I was at a get-together about a week ago and mentioned something about being pregnant to three separate people, who all professed to not have noticed anything different about me.

You what??? To me, this bump is massive already.

Anyway... the quest to eat a little less continues, and I think I am doing OK. I am trying to be more considered in my snacking and not always instantly go for the carbs. (However, sometimes the carbs call me and I answer their call.)

Speaking of which, off to make pasta for dinner now...


Melody said...

I could have written this whole post myself. *heehee* (Though I am 21 weeks tomorrow...)

I haven't had a baby for 5 years. What do I do again? And sleeping? I fall asleep on the couch about 3 times a day for anything from 10 mins to 60 mins. I hate the fact I can't sleep on my back and v. paranoid about sleeping on the right hand side. My baby bump looks massive to me too but I swear people wonder if I am pregnant or just 'weighty'.... (Told you I could've written this post!)

Stomper Girl said...

You must be looking good if they can't see your bump at 22 weeks! As for the baby, it all comes flooding back. Except second time round you realise that newborns are pretty easy (eat and sleep) and wonder why you got so freaked out with the first one.

jules said...

I forgot the nappy bag a few times at the beginning with my second one, my daughter was toilet trained so I would just forget. I also think, as I was breast feeding and didn't require bottles or formula, aided in leaving the bag behind, resulting in trip to the local convenience store once we arrived at our destination...
ah the joys of it all :)