Monday, September 29, 2008

There are consolations...

When we moved from our little tiny house in the inner city out to a suburb on the edge of Sydney's inner west we missed many things. Like being able to walk to groovy cafes, to convenience stores, to bottle shops, doctor's surgeries and delis. In fact, when we first moved there three and a half years ago, I hated it.

But only for a few weeks (and possibly because my veins coursed with pregnancy hormones).

We are now a 20-minute walk from the supermarket and a 40-minute walk from Marrickville (which has, by the way, the BEST shopping street in Sydney) and Earlwood. This morning E and I walked to Marrickville for a coffee and back.

Anyhow, we are further away from everything. But once a year we celebrate our new location with a stein (or two) of beautiful, icy German beer. Because one of the few watering holes we're in walking (stumbling?) distance of is the Concordia German Club (a gloriously un-gentrified former bowling club that's now a croquet club).

Yes, it's Oktoberfest time again.

E was excited to go to the "party" because there was a Nemo bouncy castle. But within two seconds he was in floods of tears and wanting to get off because there were "too many kids". Which was probably true.

So instead we convinced him to play a really cool game: it's called "run to the flagpole and back so Mum and Dad can have a few seconds to drink in peace". He was totally into it.

He also loves the German oompapa music - who doesn't?

And the great news: it's on again next weekend.


M said...

So which street in Marrickville would that be? You'd think after four years I'd know all the good shopping streets, but no. So, spill, please.

kurrabikid said...

Well, I guess good shopping is kinda subjective ... but I love Marrickville and Illawarra Roads for their spice shops, Asian groceries, amazing fish shops and butcheries, not to mention cheap-as-chips fabric stores and excellent second-hand shops ... come visit some time!

Melody said...

Oh Monet loved the Oompapa music (along with me) when we visited Munich in April. She loved the beer hall with the 'big beers'. That's our girl!!

Enjoy your weekend again - I am assuming you'll be back. I know I would.