Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Snip, snip

Something rather momentous happened this morning: my son had his first haircut.

Well ... not really a haircut as such, since it's that fine, wispy, ultra-blonde baby hair and there's still not enough for a full haircut. It certainly hadn't grown down into his eyes or over his ears or anything like that. I had my own hair done and the hairdresser simply snipped the longish bits of E's hair in 3-4 places.

It looks far better (neater) ... but it's yet another of those markers, isn't it? That he's not a baby any more.

Indeed he's not. He's three years and two months.

Just hope his dad doesn't notice, because he expressly forbade me to cut E's hair. He wanted it to get longer all over before we snipped it. I personally thought it was starting to look weird, with all these random comb-over bits.

The beauty of this is that he'll never realise I actually had E's hair trimmed ... because blokes never notice haircuits - do they?!!


Melody said...

Your secret is safe. Hubby will not notice.

daysgoby said...

Oh, I bet he's beautiful!

Stomper Girl said...

Fixit finally noticed mine after 4 days. Just saying. A little trim is a good idea. I used to *tidy* up my kids' hair in the bath and I never counted that as a haircut.

M said...

Hey, my comment disappeared. I'm sure I made a comment. But maybe I thought I did, but didn't. Oh well.

I remember thinking this was a day for haircuts - E's, my two children and Stomper's kids.

I bet hubby didn't notice. He only noticed my son's cut - but that's because he almost has his hair shaved.

BTW I have a new project over at www.beforeourtime.com along with another fellow blogger.