Tuesday, April 1, 2008


In about 10 days we leave for our holiday here, in this very house:

It's a cottage we're renting in Suffolk and I'm hoping it really is as pretty as it looks. I mean with this as the view from the front room it can't be too bad, can it? Tudor gorgeousness.

After a week there it's off to here: Dubrovnik

And then to here: Budva

Where's Budva? Hey, I'd never heard of it either until recently. It's in Montenegro.

I am quite excited about our holiday ...now, if only I could get over the goddamn sickness I feel at the thought of 27 long, excruciating hours on a plane with a two year old.

Hopefully his behaviour will be better than I think, because, let me tell you, my expectations are LOW...!


Fairlie said...

My method of surviving a 24 hour flight with a two year old was to keep repeating to myself, "It's only one day of my life."

Keeping your expectations low is bound to set you up for a nice surprise!

The cottage looks great - what a view out the front door.

Susan said...

Not sedation because the small fry are awake and bouncy when you're all jetlagged and crappy. Two year olds are...difficult to travel with. Lots of good snacky stuff. Hopefully a suitable movie. Small trinkets to bring out off and on. You need a abgful. There's a website that gives ideas - can't remember it though. Google "travelling with toddlers" or something like that.
I think Lonely Planet have done a book about travelling with children.

kurrabikid said...

Yes, I think half the carry-on luggage will be trinkets and snacks! Oh, and, yeah, I have been studiously purchasing every colouring/sticker/counting book in this city. As for sedation ... I'm still not sure. I'll be packing it (definitely) but I'll decide on the day whether we use it.

Kim said...

Did you read Maggie Alderson's piece in the last Vogue Entertaining about Montenegro and did you know that on reading it I wanted to go there instantly?

I am so deeply deeply envious. Deeply.

Kim said...

what is your email address btw? It is driving me nuts that I am talking to you through comment windows.

kurrabikid said...

Kim, you can get to me on spickette@hotmail.com.
Yeah - I have Maggie Alderson's piece on my bedside table - thank you for reminding me that I need to actually read it! I have done so little prep for this trip (where does the time go?) - I usually like to learn some of the language (ie, please, thank you. I don't speak Serbo-Croat) but this time round I have had no opportunity ... and no inclination. Sigh. Guess I'll figure it out when I get there. Thanks for your comment, your excitement is helping spark mine!

Kim said...

You must read it because she is all very specific about good places and going beyond what seems beautiful because around the corner is even better. I was captivated and all 'we must go now'. Ha ha. Hahahahaha. Like I can even get to Chatswood with four kids let alone the other side of the world.

All Adither said...

The plane part does sound painful. But I'm sure it'll be worth it once you arrive.

Anonymous said...

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