Sunday, March 30, 2008


I truly love where we live. It's not the most glamorous part of Sydney and, frankly, I wouldn't be interested in living in those parts anyway. I don't even particularly want to live by the beach because imagine taking it for granted or, worse, getting sick of it? And where would you go if you wanted a nice day out on a sunny day?
No, I love our river. OK, it's stinky when the tide is low and it's usually accessorised by a least a dozen floating Coke bottles, but there's just something about it that to me is magical. Because I love it, I see it as beautiful.
Anyway, yesterday afternoon I went off for a walk and discovered a sculpture competition across the road from our house, in the park by the river.
There was this beauty

and this

Someone had fun

Then at 8 o'clock, for Earth Hour, we headed back across to the river, where the path was illuminated by coloured paper lanterns lit by glowsticks. We took a seat and, for the first time since we have lived in the area (three years), observed the river at night. As part of Earth Hour lanterns made from all manner of recycled materials were floated upon the river.

The effect was quite enchanting.


Kim said...

Where abouts are you?
In Sydney I mean.

All Adither said...

That sounds lovely.

It's so very interesting that it's autumn there while spring is just blossoming here.

Angie (from

kurrabikid said...

We live on the Cooks River - at the back of Marrickville. Told you it was nowhere fancy!

Juliette said...

Is that why you can't sleep,
isn't that in the middle of the airport flight path??

kurrabikid said...

Nope, we are so close to the airport that there's no flight noise. Ironically, they can't turn that tight and don't come over our direction anyway. I mean, we do hear the planes, but the noise is minor.