Tuesday, April 8, 2008

In a week's time...

... we will be in The Mother Country - well, it is for Shaun and I anyway as both of us have Poms as mums. I think it's going to be quite cold there, which is causing me all sorts of packing conundrums. It feels weird to pack swimmers and sandals (hopefully it will be warm enough for us to be able to swim in the Adriatic) alongside woolly jumpers and thick tracksuits.
I am looking forward to staying in this village:

In my optimistic moments I imagine holding Ewan's hand as we stroll down the ancient streets, stopping to admire windowboxes and being warmed by hot chocolate and scones with clotted cream. Or something like that anyway. It will be lovely.

I wonder if I have gone a tad overboard in my preparation for the flight. Shaun and I will have in our hand luggage (along with a few favourite books and a favourite blanket)...

* snacks aplenty (popcorn, rice crackers, cheese, sultanas, sandwiches ... lollies kept to a minimum for I fear what they might do to a child stuck in a confined space)
* two Wiggles colouring and sticker books
* one Mr Men counting book (counting is his latest obsession)
* one Wiggles numbers game (wrapped in Xmas paper to maximise reward value)
* one Old MacDonald counting/sticker book (wrapped in Xmas paper)
* three new kids' books that have been sent into my work by publicists and duly snaffled
* one pack of brand sparkly new Wiggles textas (wrapped in Xmas paper)
* one pack of almost new crayons
* stencils of diggers, spaceship and train
* one book of plain multicoloured paper for drawings
* one packet of little plastic horses (two bucks - so who cares if they end up under the seat)
* one pack of Wiggles match-'em-up cards
* two foam jigsaws (jigsaws are big at the moment)

Right, there's about 5 kilos of our luggage allowance accounted for...!


Juliette said...

YaY, It will be fun!!!
Will you be visiting relatives??

One thing, texta's and confined placed ( aeroplanes, ship cabins )
don't mix.

I found a great product by Crayola,
its called Colour Wonderful.

And Wonderful it is!!!

The texta's are clear,they only turn into colour when they touch colour wonderful paper,
So no texta marks on your clothes, your kids face and hands or furniture.
I bought them for my two when we went away,
Sure they cost about $14 ( I usually get them when they are on sale, )
But i know i can relax in pure silence,
while they see the magic colours appear on the page,
& knowing that when Talen does his designer scribble on himself and the bedroom door.
Its invisible!! YAY

nb: colour wonder have two products one has white pages & the other black pages,
DON'T get the black page one!!

Juliette said...

Opps the product is called

Color Wonder,

not colour wonderful.
They come in Toy Story, Cars, Counting and heaps of others.
Lotsa fun!!!

Fairlie said...

I've always found textas are fine on a plane, as long as I'm prepared to sacrifice the clothing the girls are dressed in. No point in dressing up to sit in cattle class!

Your trip sounds wonderful.