Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ten bucks well spent?

Some of the blogs I like to read are written by really, really, amazingly creative women. Women who knit and sew and paint and do all the things I would love to be able to do more often and better. So it's with some hesitation that I am about to post pictures of one my latest projects - because, well, my effort seems a little pitiful compared to what some people produce. Anyhow, it is:


E has far too little storage space and far too much stuff in his room. And so Shaun bought this rather battered little number for $10 from a fantastic place called Reverse Garbage, near our house. I had some freebie paint from my last job (one of the perks of working on a lifestyle magazine) in the shed. I scanned eBay for some new knobs (they cost more than the piece of furniture) to give it a bit of spunk. And this is the result.


The knobs are cute:

I think E will probably call this his "Dorothy the Dinosaur cupboard" once he twigs that the yellow handles have green dots. So, yes, it is still a bit wonky (we did replace the screws in the hinges) and still clearly a $10 secondhand cabinet painted over with house paint ... but, hey, it represents $50 or so I did not spend at IKEA and I think E will be very happy with it when we move it into his room this weekend.

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