Saturday, December 1, 2007


There was a knock at my front door early this morning. It was pre-shower, so I was in my PJs and looking great, as you can imagine. It was a courier delivering a copy of the book I worked on last year.
The book is called Historica's Women and it falls into the category of tome - this thing has a spine that's more than an inch thick. It's a non-fiction account of women's history over 1000 years. Yes, 1000 years. Of course, I was just one of a whole crew of contributors. I wrote a couple of "modules", as the publisher called them. It was lovely, enjoyable, interesting work. And I did all of it from home while Ewan napped or when Shaun played with him on the weekends.
So here it is:

I feel very pleased to have my writing in here. You can't see it in any detail, but here's one of the sections I did:

I've been published in countless magazines and newspapers but to see my name in this whopper of a book is something else. Very cool indeed.


Juliette said...

Congrats Sarah : ) what a wonderful topic too!!!

kurrabikid said...

Ah, thanks Jools!! x