Friday, February 18, 2011

Heavens above!

I should start this post by disclosing that I believe in God. Always have, always will.

I don't, however, believe in church or anything at all church-related - because, why would I? My thoughts and beliefs are mine and mine alone. I don't need to be in a certain building to have them and also, they're private! No interest in sharing them, thank you very much.

Anyway. I decided to let E attend scripture at school. It'll be good for him, I think. Because I'm certain other people can explain the concept of God a lot better than I'd be able to.

So E had his first scripture lesson this week. He brought home the worksheet all the kids did and it had an activity that said 'Circle how you feel about God's love'.

This was what he circled:


Clearly the scripture teacher has a *bit* of work to do!


Melody said...

Hilarious!!! in a good way.... =)

Inner Pickle said...

ha ha ha!!! We had a conversation like this:
Henry: Mum, Dad's not the boss is he?
Me: no of course he isn't, we all know who's the boss round here don't we? (meaning me, I thought, obviously)
Henry: yes, Jesus is the boss

*Cue Adam and I both falling off our chairs*
Adam: nice to know he's paying attention in at least one class