Monday, February 7, 2011

Fallen for Finkler

Isn't it the best feeling when you fall so utterly, completely in love with a book that you can't wait to keep reading it and yet you find yourself devastated when you finish it?

I am on the love/loss rollercoaster today because I have just finished this astonishing, remarkable, incredible (enough gushing?) book:

It is very apparent to me why it won the Booker Prize. Very. To me, this book had the right mix of fascinating topic (Jewishness and what it entails) and a wonderful pace and accessibility.

The only frustrating thing about the book is I wanted to immerse myself in it and, well, with work and kids, who has the time?

My favourite book of all time is another Booker winner from years ago: Possession by AS Byatt. I think The Finkler Question must surely be in my top five though.

A gem.


Super Sarah said...

Excellent, will add it to my list, I don't get to read nearly enough right now, but better to read quality over quantity!

petite gourmand said...

good to know.

My dad was reading it and really liked it.

I almost picked it up the other day because I think it's sounds interesting.
now I will for sure. thx.

I really think you would like A Town Like Alice.
also just finished, One Day.
check my book shelf on my blog.
I really liked it- though without ruining it, still not sure how I felt about the ending...