Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Baby steps

Yesterday my 15-month-old decided that this business of being upright is actually alright. She's been cruising the furniture for ages but yesterday she actually let go - only for a second, but she stood on her own two feet nonetheless.

Encouraged by this, I walked her around by her hand a little more than I have been. At one point I let go of her hand and she did take a teeny step before falling into my arms.

It wasn't a 'proper' first step, just the start of something exciting.

I tried to capture her attempts on camera but pretty much failed...

Today we picked up E's new school uniform and he insisted on wearing it all day - even the black lace-up school shoes he has.

Dude doesn't realise there's 13 years of hating that darned thing ahead of him...

In another exciting (well, for me anyway!) first I picked up a delicious piece of Pyrex at my locals Salvos. It is a lemon-lozenge yellow Pyrex Agee bowl - made in Australia and possibly (going only a quick Google here) from the 1950s.

Of course I completely forgot to photograph it until about 5 minutes ago, so I've only an appalling pic to show. I've long admired Thrifted Treasure's beautiful Pyrex collection, so I was chuffed to discover this piece. Uh-oh, I sense the beginning of a Pyrex addiction...!


Stomper Girl said...

Oh my goodness, walking and starting school. These kids!

Thrifted Treasure said...

Lots of excitement! Those first tiny steps are the most magical aren't they? Love your little man's uniform, cool telescope too! And as for the pyrex! Well, it is seriously addictive, because it looks fab and is functional it's hard to resist :-)