Monday, October 18, 2010


Yesterday Sydney turned on one of those spectacular spring days. Heavenly sunshine, but not too hot. Crisp (but not too white) light that reminds me of summer days in England. Oh the loveliness.

We decided to take E out into the park to practise his riding without training wheels. Before we knew it, we were outside the German club round the corner from us. On such a lovely day it would have been a crime not to partake in a sparkling beverage or two, right?

When we got home T had a lovely sleep, then afterwards the kids spent ages (whole minutes!) playing their new favourite game while we got the barbie going.



Inner Pickle said...

It's so awesome to record days like this - so many days escape us unremembered! xx

Melody said...

I agree with Inner Pickle - lovely to remember days like this...