Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Picture perfect

I am not a good photographer. I would say I was adequate - meaning I can point and shoot and that if I snap 50 shots I will get a couple of decent pictures. I do however appreciate beautiful photography. So when my bloggie friend Sarah set up her business, Sarah White Images, I couldn't resist the opportunity to have the kids photographed (it was also a wonderful opportunity to meet Sarah in person, since we've been reading each other's blogs and emailing for a while now).

We didn't get the best weather for shooting outdoors, but it didn't seem to matter too much - until we had to scramble back to the house in a downpour! The little ones behaved quite well, despite the fact that just as Sarah was turning up T decided to do a leaky poo that went onto the dress I had her in (sorry, too much info, I know).

The result, though, are the most beautiful photos I've ever seen of my children. I absolutely adore all of them and I can't wait to have these in our album. My hope is that Sarah will photograph the kids every year - at least until they are too big for such things!

One thing I'd asked of Sarah is that she try to capture E's 'little boy' face, since at 5 it is changing into a big boy face. I think she did this beautifully.

Thank you, Sarah. I truly mean it when I say I will treasure these pictures forever.


Thrifted Treasure said...

Beautiful photos! I read Sarah's blog too, love it!

Melody said...

Oh lovely. My friend Lee Bee (H&B) took photographs of baby Lily and she so captured her round little face perfectly. For this I am forever grateful as I couldn't quite capture it myself. Now Lily's face is not so round, but at least I have photos to prove she did.

Mama Mogantosh said...

They are really beautiful. I can't wait to get some family snaps. Gorgeous kiddoes. xx

petite gourmand said...

so beautiful...
helps when you have picture perfect subject matter too.