Friday, July 2, 2010

10 months

Our beautiful little girl ticked over the 10 months mark today. What's she up to? Well, not crawling ... but certainly thinking about it. This little bub likes to streeeetch out and reach and shuffle and faceplant. So the crawling may come quite soon (oh lordy, am not ready for all the 'eyes in back of head' that inevitably comes with crawling/moving).

In the past week or so she has begun to 'dance' - if you can call it that. And, truly, I cannot imagine anything cuter. So naturally E loves to play his CDs for her ALL the time, we have pulled all his old musical toys up from the garage, we sing to her. The funniest thing has to be when she 'dances' (more a head jiggle, arm swing kind of thing really) to me rubbing hand cream into my hands (oh, my poor wintry housewife hands!).

T loves to copy our sounds now and - finally - she's mastering 'Mama'. About time. I have been drilling it into her since she began saying 'Dada', which was, what, months ago.

Another lovely development of late is that E can play with her a little more. The other day I bought a packet of balloons. Wow. The playing together! The peace to make dinner! A revelation indeed...!

Still not a scrap of hair. And still will not deign to take a bottle. At all. Believe me, we keep trying (various brands and styles) and she keeps scrunching up her little face in distaste (any ideas??).

10 months, here we are...


Melody said...

Lol! Again, another 'snap'.

No crawling here either. Boy does MissL try, boy she tries but oh so close. Is it terrible of me that I'm not exactly encouraging it either - life changes dramatically (again) when that happens.

Funny how our girls are 4 days and half a world apart but at similar progress signs. Lol...

MissL is now fully bottle feed (I stopped at 6 mths) and I tried a few different bottles before I found the right brand that 'suited' her - Pigeon. Unlike MissM who took straight to the Avent brand once I weaned her I thought MissL would have been the same but no.

MissL has been saying mumma and dadda for quite a while now but that's about it.

However one thing I am not 'snapping' you with is that MissL has sooo much fine blonde hair it isn't funny.

Stomper Girl said...

My firstborn was also a bald bottle-refuser. The only way we could get him to even put it in his mouth was in the bath because he relaxed but even then, he never actually *drank* from it, he just let us put it in his mouth. Good luck is all I'm saying.