Monday, June 21, 2010

Toy Story 3 premiere

We went along to the premiere of Toy Story 3 yesterday - E and his little friend G dressed up as Buzz Lightyear and Jessie for the occasion. And, my goodness, didn't they attract some attention! This the pair of them waiting for the Light Rail (the premiere was at the big - and I do mean BIG - Imax cinema in Darling Harbour.

Ginormous Buzz Lightyear poster? Yep, we're in the right place!

And this is E doing his 'best' Buzz face. Hyped up? You betcha! By now he'd come to expect every second stranger on the street to stop and remark on his costume.

When we arrived the TV cameras homed in on E and G and they were 'interviewed' by Disney Channel, which they loved! Then it was in to the foyer to pick up our free popcorn and drinks and be entertained by a three-piece band while we waited to enter the cinema.

Look! A big Buzz! Despite the fact this was the red carpet area for celebs, E and G were extremely eager to duck under the rope for us to take a quick snap.

I really can't stand kids' movies - OK, there are one or two decent ones, but most are so infernally awful that I always feel like I am wasting my life sitting through them (Shrek, anyone?) So I was pleased to find that I actually enjoyed Toy Story 3. It was quite a watchable film.

I'd never seen anything 3D before - neither had E. The Imax screen is SO BIG and it was SO DARK while we waited for the movie to start that he of course freaked out. But once the characters started to appear, like long-lost buddies, he got into the movie and afterwards declared it to be: "Good."


Stomper Girl said...

He looks very cute. Our Buzz Lightyear costume is completely manky now but man the kids loved dressing up in it. I'm wondering if it'll get hauled out once we see TS3 or if a Grade One boys is tool old for such things....

petite gourmand said...

those are the cutest costumes!
we still have yet to go to see a movie in a theatre (meaning with Lulu)- but maybe Toy Story 3 will be the one to break her in with.