Friday, December 11, 2009

Xmas excitement!

At my son's first Christmas he was just short of 5 months old, then the next year he was 17 months old. Both of these Christmases passed without him knowing too much about them. At 2.5 he got into the idea - a bit. Then last year, at 3.5, well, let's just say he was totally up with the whole Santa concept.

This year?

Oh wow, he's EXCITED! I am beginning to think that 4.5 is the optimal age for kiddie enjoyment of Christmas. Every morning he bounds out of bed and looks at our Christmas tree before asking me: "how many more days until it's Christmas?" and "when can I open my presents?" Again we have topped the tree with a paper star he made when he was 3.

We have done the letter to Santa thing and, boy, was he impressed that Santa wrote back!!!!! I am so looking forward to seeing his little face when he gets to open his presents this year. Given that funds are a bit tight this year we haven't spent all that much and instead I've got him quite a few small things - which is probably more exciting to a kid anyway ... it's all about the unwrapping, isn't it?

E had his preschool Christmas party last week and it was a great success - it was held at the German club round the corner from our house so the kids could run like crazy on the croquet greens while we adults chatted over a fine German beer or two. Perfect.

I've also sent out our homemade Christmas cards - which feature the two kids (TWO! Wow!). Here are some of the pics I used...

Let me tell you, there were a LOT of shots snapped to get these! (Ah, the beauty of digital ... delete, delete.) Oh, and how many more years do you reckon I've got before I have to stop dressing my boy up in reindeer ears and the like ("Awhhh, Mum")?

Anyhow, it is definitely beginning to feel a lot like Christmas around here - and how nice is that?


petite gourmand said...

soooo cute!!

Melody said...

Boy, E is growing up! It is the same around here. Monet being 5 is really into the whole Santa/Christmas concept - including the whole bloody Baby Jesus!! *lol*

M said...

Reindeer ears? You'll get away with it until he starts Kindergarten, or first grade if you're lucky.

My kids still LOVE christmas but won't wear the ears.

Thrifted Treasure said...

Your son must be almost the exact same age as my eldest!! I've found the same this year - huge excitement about Santa and fully willing to participate in his preschool concert etc. And you're right about getting small pressies, you could spend a fortune and it would be the little crayons or the little wooden toy that would be the big hit!