Sunday, December 13, 2009

Random stuff

Well, we've had a very successful cucumber crop this year. The one shown here isn't the biggest we 've picked (not that bigger always equals better when it comes to veg). Shame the cucumber is just about the only vegie I despise. My zucchinis (my favourite veg!) have - very disappointingly - been a dud. They have only grown to about 20cm, no matter how perfect the weather and watering. We planted them in a different spot this year. Useless soil, I suspect.

This little lady has changed - and I've not caught her up yet. It's funny how babies do that. You work out their routine and habits and then, bingo, they go and change and you're all 'what do I do now?'! If you leave her even a minute too long in the evenings and she switches from tired to overtired - whoa! Seriously cranky baby. Too cranky even to feed. I am having to resort to leaving her in her cot to cry it out. Anyway, I need to learn her new cues and then this shouldn't be a problem. She's still sleeping well and generally charming the pants off all and sundry.

This little guy? Noisy! Crazy! Hilarious! And we have been trying to teach him to 'swim'. Er, well, to get used to the water anyway. He still won't deign to blow a bubble, even though he will in the bath. But we are getting there...

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