Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Hospital Bag

Today I have a "free" day. That is, E is at daycare and I am at home. On. My. Own. Bliss! I know, I know, I should make the most of it - for another tiny, noisy, needy person will be here soon enough.

Top of my list today was to buy E some birthday presents. He turns 4 next week and we've done nothing and bought nothing for him ... I hate the thought of us getting caught up in baby stuff and him missing out. So I headed to Kmart and bought a few small things for him to open - some Lego, some cowboy dress-up stuff (latest obsession), new books etc. Tick. One job done.

The next, after I have lunch (most important matters first!) is to pack a hospital bag. Wow, are we there already?! Possibly. I had a check-up yesterday and the blood pressure Dr doubled my medications to 6 tablets a day. Plus tomorrow I have to be admitted for day stay - so monitoring over 8 or so hours.

All this probably sounds more serious than it is. The antihypertensives I am on are only of a low dose, so plenty of room to move there, the blood tests I had done are showing no sign of kidney or liver problems yet ... and I feel OK(ish - I'd feel a heck of a lot better if I could just get a decent sleep).

But at 35 weeks, I know it's not going to be long before the little one is here. Which is freaking me out. WE HAVE NO NAME - none. Not one for a girl, not one for a boy. Oh well, at least I know one thing I will be packing in that hospital bag: the baby name book!

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