Sunday, July 19, 2009

The end of the work as we know it

On Friday I finished up work. Everyone kept saying to me, "Oh, you must be so excited". But I wasn't really - mainly sad. I've been so lucky to have worked in a brilliant job, the kind that is as rare as hen's teeth to find, especially at 3 days a week. So to walk away from it is sad (I was casually employed so there's no maternity leave obligation).

BUT ... on the other hand it's great to be finished up. The sheer effort of walking to the train station (usually takes 8 minutes - I've been allowing 15-20 in the past few weeks), handling work, a preschooler, housework etc has left me so tired.

Then, of course, there is swine flu. The less time I spend on grotty CityRail trains with people sniffling and coughing, the better I will feel. All the stuff in the media last week about swine flu and its impact on pregnant women had me quite concerned. I called my GP to ask about what to do and she suggested in come in and see her.

I had an appointment at 11.45 yesterday. We spoke about swine flu and she reassured me she has a stock of Tamiflu and at any sign of fever she'd see me immediately. Then she gave me a flu shot for the seasonal flu, which she pointed out was one less thing to worry about at the very least.

Then, before I left, I asked her if she'd just do a quick check of my blood pressure. I was feeling fine - no headache, no nothing. Just a standard check. It read 160/100 then a couple of 140s ... and so off to the labour ward again for me.

When I arrived there my BP was still reading in the 160s, but I pointed out to the midwives that I was actually due to take my lunchtime medication. Once I did it settled down. But they ran a check on the baby's movements (excellent!) and took a full suite of blood tests. Which I then had to hang about for.

So there was a nice sunny Saturday, spent stuck in labour ward. Never mind, I know how important it is to monitor this stuff.

And with all that time to think I came to the conclusion that perhaps it was indeed a good time to finish up work after all.


Super Sarah said...

I am glad your blood pressure isn't cause for concern and its great you are done with work now, rest up, if thats possible with a small person around!

Melody said...

Rest up and enjoy the time you (we) have left before #2.

Take care!

M said...

Now...for the nesting.

Don't forget how important it is to stock up. You know, 23 packets of washing powder, 17 packets of pasta, catering tubs of icecream.

Well, that's what I did.

kurrabikid said...

Sarah - yes, I'm trying to walk that fine line between quality alone time with E doing craft, games etc and the strong urge to put a DVD on so I can have a nap!

Melody - right back at you!

M - I'm am SO in that frame of mind...!!